With an unprecedented demand tech talent and teams under ever-increasing pressure to support business growth, tech recruitment has never before so essential to business success. 

Demand in the IT field is increasing quicker than the number of qualified developers. In the US alone, last year there were 3.9 million employer job postings for tech occupation, and less than half the candidates with computer science degrees available to fill these positions.

The challenge is enormous – but for businesses looking to attract, engage and retain top tech talent, Tech Recruiter Live provides incredible insight into how the world’s leading businesses are doing just that. 

We're back in 2022. Dates and location TBC.

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What to expect at Tech Recruiter Live

Tech Recuiter Live is a biannual event specifically for those working in-house within tech recruitment. 

Here you’ll gain insight, meet like-minded peers and find a global support network of tech recruitment specialists.

See the event calendar below to find your nearest event and find out more about the agenda for your chosen location.

Unprecedented access to the most inspired and innovative tech, science and digital business in the world at a location near you.

The best tech talent continues to be hard to find and increasingly difficult to catch.

In the US, the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that by 2026, the shortage of engineers will exceed 1.2m. Indeed, over the past few years it has become increasingly difficult to find qualified personnel to fill IT positions.

As part of our mission to support tech recruiters, we continually monitor developers and HR pros around the world. The data shows that tech recruiters’ greatest challenges include:

Finding qualified candidates (61%)
Standing out from other companies to attract talent (25%)
Aligning with hiring managers’ demands/job requirements (24%)
Recruiting within tight time frames (24%)

A the next Tech Recruiter Live event we’ll explore these topics in more detail and suggest ways in which tech recruiters may attract, engage and retain the very best tech talent.

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Are you a business looking to hire great talent?

Get Inspired

Meet and engage with leading tech recruiters and industry peers. Tech Recruiter Live provides a smorgasbord of new opportunities, ideas and potential will present themselves.

Collective Collaboration

This event is designed specifically to support collaboration and knowledge transfer between recruiters working in the areas of technology, science and innovation. Through the sharing of knowledge and ideas we achieve collective collaboration.

Supercharged Networking

Ours is a broad and diverse network. With extensive daytime engagement and networking activities, plus an event after party in collaboration with Tech & Beer, you're sure to make incredibly valuable new connections and have great fun in the process.

Compelling Reasons To Attend Tech Recruiter Live

Live Panel Sessions With Q&A

Get involved in the conversation. Pitch questions. Debate with the speakers. Take away valuable lessons from the leaders with proven success.

Industry Leading Speakers

From the C-Suite leaders driving growth to the innovators harnessing new technologies, hear from the very best and brightest.

Events Across The UK

Wherever you are we probably have an event near you. Join locally or travel to each of our events for a new experience each time.

A Global Network

Meet and engage with international businesses looking to hire the best talent. Where in the world could your career take you?

Meet The World's Leading Tech Co's

This virtual event provide insight into potential technology partners and solutions providers - offering use cases, demos & more.​

Case Studies / Best Practice

Real life case studies relating to the challenges many in the industry face show how challenges can be overcome and success achieved.​

Previous Panel Experts

Phil Wakefield


Susan Popoola

Human Value Optimisation Specialist

Lisa Rickers

NHS Clinical Entrepreneur

Matthias Graefe

Director of Supply Chain Transformation

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