The Business Case For Diversity In Innovation

An expert panel discusses the importance of diversity as a critical element of innovation. This virtual event will be of particular interest to business leaders looking to grow their business and increase innovation in their organisation.

Thursday 18 March 2021   |   Europe   |   Virtual

1100 GMT  :  1200 CET  :  1400 MSK  :  1300 GST  :  1900 CST
Duration: 1 Hour    |    Free to attend    |    Event host: Innovator Network

“Diverse and inclusive cultures are providing companies with a competitive edge over their peers.”

What to expect at The Business Case For Diversity In Innovation​.

The event will be streamed live from the Innovator Network virtual stage and incorporate a host of engagement, collaboration and knowledge sharing tools. Join us for this immersive virtual experience.


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Unprecedented access to a select panel of Diversity and Innovation professionals.

An ever-growing list of studies by economists, demographers, and research firms continue to provide empirical evidence that socially diverse groups are more innovative and productive than homogeneous groups.

Enlightened business leaders have found that their organisations have benefited from attracting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce. Additionally, experience has proven time and again that creating and maintaining a welcoming and inclusive culture makes talented people want to join and stay – increasing not just profitability, brand reputation and cost-savings, but critically, a more compelling workplace environment for teams and individuals.

The question is, how do business leaders adopt diversity and what lessons can be learned from those who have, and haven’t?

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from and connect with a range of exciting speakers, see the very latest scientific advancements and learn more about diversity in innovation in a constructive, open-dialogue environment.

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Compelling Reasons To Attend The Business Case For Diversity In Innovation

Live Panel Sessions With Q&A

Get involved in the conversation. Pitch questions. Debate with the speakers. Take away valuable lessons from the leaders with proven success.

Industry Leading Speakers

From the C-Suite leaders driving growth to the innovators harnessing new technologies, hear from the very best and brightest.

Participate Anywhere

Whether you participate from home or the office, all of the business insight provided at the event is free to explore - live or on-demand.​

A Global Network

Join a panel of innovation professionals alongside delegates from across the globe and increase your knowledge of what's happening in diversity within innovation.

Meet Future Technology Partners

This virtual event provide insight into potential technology partners and solutions providers - offering use cases, demos & more.​

Case Studies / Best Practice

Real life case studies relating to the issues many in the industry face will highlight how challenges can be overcome and success achieved.​

Your Expert Panel

Phil Wakefield


Susan Popoola

Human Value Optimisation Specialist

Roberto Hortal

Head Of Innovation

Lisa Rickers

NHS Clinical Entrepreneur

For Innovation

The event will feature broadcast quality virtual event spaces designed to promote collaboration, learning and delegate interaction. Publications, presentations and video content will be available to download or view on demand.

For Knowledge

This event is designed specifically to support collaboration and knowledge transfer between innovation professionals, academia, businesses and the public sector.

For Networking

Live Q&A, polls and chat are just some of the tools the conference will feature to ensure effective participation, engagement and networking for all attending the event.

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